Sealing Criminal Records

Don't let a criminal record hurt your future. Whether you use our comprehensive flat-fee package, or just want to use our free self-help tools, find out if your criminal record can be sealed or expunged:

Search Hillsborough Records

If you have had a criminal case in Hillsborough County, find out if it's sealable using our free search tool:

For a flat fee of $300 we will walk you through the sealing or expunging process.

This flat fee includes:

  • All consultations
  • Form Preparation
  • All office expenses
  • It does not include filing and processing fees charged by FLDE or the Clerk of Courts

The first step to sealing a criminal record is downloading and completing the FDLE Application for a Certificate of Eligibility Packet.

Download FDLE Packet

Once you've obtained a certificate of eligibility from FDLE, you will then need to complete the Petition to Expunge or Seal, as well as an Affidavit, and file them along with the Certificate of Eligibility with the Hillsborough County Clerk of Courts.

Download Petition

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